Friday, January 05, 2007


1. Is One Link a free service?
With regard to "one link" research, yes. And do not underestimate the power of a single link!

2. Does One Link offer extended research services?
Yes. One Link Plus offers comprehensive fee-based research. Please contact for details.

3. May I ask a multiple-part "one link" question?
I encourage you to do so! Many times, multiple-part questions are answerable by a single link. If the nature of a multiple-part question prevents it from being answered with one link, I will choose for you the link that covers the most information related to your question.

4. If multiple question can't be answered by a single link what will happen to the other questions?
Here is how I will do it:
a.) I will first look if all questions are answerable by a single link.
b.) If not then I will answer the first question answerable by a single link.

5. Will you be able to answer all questions?
Nope. Some questions are unanswerable or I simple don't know where to look for an answer.

6. Will you entertain all type of questions?
Yes, as long as the question and the answer may be legally viewed by minors. One Link Answers features only family-friendly content.

7. Will you spam us?
No. I hate spam as much as you do.

8. What if our question is not clear to you, will you get back to us for clarification.
Simply include the phrase "Please contact me if you need clarification" in your question submission. I will not contact you without this specific permission.

9. Will you publicly post our questions and your answers here? What if I want a private research?
All answered questions will be posted here at One Link Answers since that is the objective of the site and its main content.

If you want a private research project I encourage you to use One Link Plus, my fee-based premium research service. Contact for details.

10. Who retains copyright of the answers? What do I do if I want to have the rights to the content of the research project?
By asking a "one link" question intended for public viewing, you grant One Link Answers and EasterAngel-ga copyright and distribution rights. Specific contents of the cited links, and all other links outside of One Link Answers, remain the property of the respective websites.

One Link Plus research clients may use their research results in whatever manner they choose. No permission is needed from One Link Plus to reproduce those results, and no additional compensation must be remitted to me for these rights.
Contact for details.


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