Saturday, January 13, 2007

Whatever happened to

Question: Hi, how are you. I just want to know what ever happened to why are they always not available also their internet radio are not available. thank you.
-Melito is a Filipino website formed by two of the biggest media companies in the Philippines. The partnership is made up of the newspaper publisher Philippine Daily Inquirer and the television station, GMA News 7.

I am not from so I am not really in the loop to what is the problem. But one of them could be the Taiwan earthquake which has degraded Internet connection in most of Asia for more than two weeks now. The Taiwan undersea cables that links most of Asian Internet to the United States was damaged. Anyway, as the homepage shows and by looking at the individual links to both company sites, it seems that they have distributed their content among themselves so you can still access most if not all of them.

See info about Taiwan Earthquake


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