Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More Sidebar Action at One Link Answer

Now you can get more brainy exercise stuff to do right here at One Link Answer. Rather than read post and read our questions and answers you can also play some games. Included now at the sidebar are trivia games you are going to love.

First one is a trivia game from the UK called "World Brainiest". What good here is that you don't have to leave One Link Answers to see the answer. Just highlight the space between "[ ]" and you get the info!

Next one is a unique game called Blufr! It is a game challenging you to call a bluff on the question. Just choose if it is a "Way" or "No Way".

If you want your favorite trivia game on our sidebar so you can play them in one location here at One Link Answer, just tell us in the comments below!


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