Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Who was Tyler Kent?

Question: Who was Tyler Kent and what role did he play in British history?

Tyler Kent was a code and cipher clerk at the US Embassy in London in 1940. With evidence that he was leaking out classified information, they took custody of him. When he was arrested in that year, his flat contained hundreds of documents including controversial correspondence between President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill which Tyler found at the US Embassy.


Bryan Clough recently wrote a book about this conspiracy and one of the passages provide an interesting preview.

"...after all the stories and speculation, here at last was proof positive that Kent had been telling the truth: Churchill and Roosevelt had been in correspondence about the Lend-Lease (or Lease-Lend) formula months before Roosevelt had supposedly conceived the idea, after his re-election."

"Consequently, Kent’s knowledge of Roosevelt’s pre-war commitments was the only reason for his having been tried in secret and incarcerated during the war; and the assumption that ‘the full correspondence’ between Churchill and Roosevelt had previously been made public is now proved false."

Read More at the Official Website.

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