Saturday, January 20, 2007

World War II Lend-Lease Agreement

Question: I understand that the Lend Lease loans totalling $7 billion between Britain and the U.S. were paid off in January, 2007. Can you confirm this? - Omnivorous

Yes it is true and it was made before 2007 set foot into history. A payment of $83.25 million (£42.43 million) was made on Dec. 29, finally fulfilling the financial obligations of Britain to the United States after 61 years. The funds were used by Britain to fight Germany during World War II.


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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Instructions to Play Tamagotchi Classic

Question: My Daughter was recently able to buy one of those cheap Tamagotchi replica toys. Is there an instruction out there on how to play these things? I don't need the new one but the old classic ones.


Yes I found a web page which provides instructions on how to play those old Tamagotchi toys. The Tripod page however, doesn't come out the way it should be so I will refer you to the cached version instead wherein it is much readable. Have fun!

Tamagotchi Game Instructions


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Who was Tyler Kent?

Question: Who was Tyler Kent and what role did he play in British history?

Tyler Kent was a code and cipher clerk at the US Embassy in London in 1940. With evidence that he was leaking out classified information, they took custody of him. When he was arrested in that year, his flat contained hundreds of documents including controversial correspondence between President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill which Tyler found at the US Embassy.


Bryan Clough recently wrote a book about this conspiracy and one of the passages provide an interesting preview.

"...after all the stories and speculation, here at last was proof positive that Kent had been telling the truth: Churchill and Roosevelt had been in correspondence about the Lend-Lease (or Lease-Lend) formula months before Roosevelt had supposedly conceived the idea, after his re-election."

"Consequently, Kent’s knowledge of Roosevelt’s pre-war commitments was the only reason for his having been tried in secret and incarcerated during the war; and the assumption that ‘the full correspondence’ between Churchill and Roosevelt had previously been made public is now proved false."

Read More at the Official Website.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

How fast can one build a prefabricated house?

Question: How fast can one build a prefabricated house?

Hi! You can have a prefabricated house in 5 days!

Prefabricated house parts or panels and modules are built in the factory ready made. And then they are just delivered to the home owner and placed on the foundation. Of course, the speed in building the house depends on the type of home you want, so the one mentioned above is not a hard and fast rule.

Source: "Prefab Houses Go Outside the Box" from BusinessWeek


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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Plastic Scale Modeling Club in The Philippines

Question: I'd like to know, is there a scale modeling club in the
Philippines? If there are many, what's the biggest? - Chino

Hi! Yes there is and its a big one.

The International Plastic Modelers Society of the Philippines (IPMS Philippines). It meets scale modeling hobbyist every 2nd Sunday of the month at the University of the Philippines. Time is at 2:00 pm.


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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Introducing "Think Shirts" from One Link Answers

Now you can wear your knowledge with our THINK SHIRTS! Every one to two weeks, we plan on coming up with a different trivia shirt for you to wear. Visit our Cafepress store to see our wide array of different t-shirts!

This week we are featuring a nice fun fact. Enjoy!


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Where is the best place to visit in singapore?

Question: Where is the best place to visit in Singapore? - Raffy

Hi Raffy!

A good source for this type of information will be travel guides and one of the most trusted out there is Frommer's. This publication has already been in service for 50 years.

According to Frommer's, the best place to be in Singapore is (drum roll)... Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve! They judge that this in the Best Adventure category of Singapore. In case the wilds aren't your thing, the link I referenced also specifies different ways to enjoy the best of Singapore.

Have a great trip!


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Whatever happened to

Question: Hi, how are you. I just want to know what ever happened to why are they always not available also their internet radio are not available. thank you.
-Melito is a Filipino website formed by two of the biggest media companies in the Philippines. The partnership is made up of the newspaper publisher Philippine Daily Inquirer and the television station, GMA News 7.

I am not from so I am not really in the loop to what is the problem. But one of them could be the Taiwan earthquake which has degraded Internet connection in most of Asia for more than two weeks now. The Taiwan undersea cables that links most of Asian Internet to the United States was damaged. Anyway, as the homepage shows and by looking at the individual links to both company sites, it seems that they have distributed their content among themselves so you can still access most if not all of them.

See info about Taiwan Earthquake


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Friday, January 12, 2007

How many people in the United States donate blood each year?

Question: Approximately, how many people in the United States voluntarily donate blood each year?

There are approximately eight million people who volunteer to donate blood each year in that country. Over 4 million patients benefit from such donations.

Source: Blood Centers of the Pacific


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Thursday, January 11, 2007

How many world boxing organizations are there today?

Question: It seems that boxing champions are sprouting up everywhere and multiple champions exist in multiple divisions because there are so many organizations. How many boxing bodies are there right now? It's so confusing!

I share your sentiments. Couple that with all the politics in boxing, the sport is really in a state of confusion.

Right now there are five bodies handling out world championships.

World Boxing Council - WBC
World Boxing Association - WBA
International Boxing Federation - IBF
World Boxing Organization - WBO
International Boxing Organization - IBO

So in a sense you can have at most five champions per weight class unless of course there are unification bouts.

Wikipedia: Boxing


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What do you call a group of kangaroos?

Question: What do you call a group of kangaroos?

A group of kangaroos is called a troop. Other animals with quite unique congregation names are the following:

apes - a shrewdness
ferrets - a business
hippopotamuses - a bloat
porcupines - a prickle
rhinoceroses - a crash
giraffes - a tower

For other what do you call a group of certain animals please go to the link below.

Animal Congregations


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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More Sidebar Action at One Link Answer

Now you can get more brainy exercise stuff to do right here at One Link Answer. Rather than read post and read our questions and answers you can also play some games. Included now at the sidebar are trivia games you are going to love.

First one is a trivia game from the UK called "World Brainiest". What good here is that you don't have to leave One Link Answers to see the answer. Just highlight the space between "[ ]" and you get the info!

Next one is a unique game called Blufr! It is a game challenging you to call a bluff on the question. Just choose if it is a "Way" or "No Way".

If you want your favorite trivia game on our sidebar so you can play them in one location here at One Link Answer, just tell us in the comments below!


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How Can I Protect My Software's Intellectual Property?

Question: I want to protect certain parts of my software with the use of patents or other intellectual property mechanisms. How can I do this?

In this question I answered for Google Answers on March 27, 2006, a customer was asking how to protect certain parts of the GUI. This one is certainly worth a look for people who want to protect their intellectual property rights on software applications they created.

Protectable Software Elements


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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What are some Macworld highlights through the years?

Question: Steve Jobs has recently announced the iPhone at the Macworld Conference. It seems that major Apple product announcements are always made in this event. Do you have a link showcasing Macworld Expo highlights and product announcements through the years?

I found a German site that lists Macworld highlights from 1983 to 2004. Missing highlights there were from 2005 to 2007 so we will just include them here.

2005 - Mac Mini and Ipod Shuffle
2006 - iMac and Macbook Pro with Intel Core Duo chip
2007 - iPhone

Macworld Expo Highlights from 1983 to 2004


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What are the notable product launch in CES history?

Question: CES has always been an event where some of the most memorable electronic product launches has been made. In its history what are the the most significant product launches that were made at CES?

Yes CES is indeed a good event to keep an eye on to know where technology is leading. Some of the most significant product launches that change the landscape of the history of entertainment technology were made at CES. Some examples:

VCR - 1970
The PONG Game - 1975
CD Player - 1981
Nintendo Entertainment System - 1985
DVD - 1996

See More in this Wikipedia article.


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A Recipe for Banana Heart

I need a Recipe for Banana Heart. Can you help? - Bryan

The banana heart or "banana blossom" is a meal ingredient in my home country, the Philippines. I will present here a recipe I really like called Kare-Kare.

Kare-Kare is a difficult dish to prepare so you only see them during parties. The thing is that one of the ingredients of this dish, besides banana heart, is peanut butter. Now, I don't like anything that has to do with peanuts...much more peanut butter. But when used in this dish, you wouldn't imagine how good it taste like!

Kare-Kare with Banana Heart


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I Need A List of Ministry of the Interiors in Different Countries

Question: Hi. And what a cool site! My question is a tough one (boring, but tough). Can you find me a link to a site that lists a lot of Ministries of the Interior from many countries? Thanks. - Dave

Tough one Dave.

Usually the Ministry of the Interior is the one responsible for national security, policing and immigration. Wikipedia has a list of the Interior Ministries in different countries based on the above responsibilities. Wikipedia categorize it as such since at times different nations give a different perspective on such a different.

The US for example has the equivalent ministry as described above in the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department. The US though has an interior department but it is so different from the usual roles conferred on such an office. The Interior Department of the United States is primarily concerned with overseeing the real estate property owned by the federal government!

Wikipedia's List of Interior Ministry Departments in Different Countries


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Monday, January 08, 2007

A Nancy Drew Mystery

Question: Hi! My daughter is a big fan of Nancy Drew. And I heard from friends that there is going to be a new movie about her? Is this true or are they just pulling my leg? Can you provide me a link to a trailer or a website showing that this true?

I will solve the mystery for you... it's true Nancy Drew will be on the big screen with a more modern rendition. About the trailer, I will do you one better. I will embed here a trailer of the new Nancy Drew movie. Just play the movie and you're ready to go.

Plus breaking our tradition, here is an extra link to the official Nancy Drew Movie website.


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Looking for a John Glenn Picture

Question: I am looking for a picture of the astronaut, John Glenn. The photo is in black and white and yet it looks so futuristic. He is looking into a special transparent globe. Can you provide a link to the picture?

Since NASA pictures are in the Public Domain, I will post the picture here. What you are looking for is a picture of John Glenn looking at the "Celestial Trainig Device". It is indeed an amazing photo.


Click for larger picture.


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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Recipe for salt-preserved lemon and lamb

Question: I was recently given a salt preserved lemon, which I'm given to understand is used in Moroccan cuisine. I don't know much about Moroccan cuisine. Can you find me a recipe that uses both lamb and preserved lemon? - Missy


World Wide Gourmet has the Moroccan recipe you need to use salt-preserved lemon and lamb. It's called Royal Couscous with Meat. Enjoy!

Royal Couscous with Meat Recipe


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Friday, January 05, 2007


1. Is One Link a free service?
With regard to "one link" research, yes. And do not underestimate the power of a single link!

2. Does One Link offer extended research services?
Yes. One Link Plus offers comprehensive fee-based research. Please contact for details.

3. May I ask a multiple-part "one link" question?
I encourage you to do so! Many times, multiple-part questions are answerable by a single link. If the nature of a multiple-part question prevents it from being answered with one link, I will choose for you the link that covers the most information related to your question.

4. If multiple question can't be answered by a single link what will happen to the other questions?
Here is how I will do it:
a.) I will first look if all questions are answerable by a single link.
b.) If not then I will answer the first question answerable by a single link.

5. Will you be able to answer all questions?
Nope. Some questions are unanswerable or I simple don't know where to look for an answer.

6. Will you entertain all type of questions?
Yes, as long as the question and the answer may be legally viewed by minors. One Link Answers features only family-friendly content.

7. Will you spam us?
No. I hate spam as much as you do.

8. What if our question is not clear to you, will you get back to us for clarification.
Simply include the phrase "Please contact me if you need clarification" in your question submission. I will not contact you without this specific permission.

9. Will you publicly post our questions and your answers here? What if I want a private research?
All answered questions will be posted here at One Link Answers since that is the objective of the site and its main content.

If you want a private research project I encourage you to use One Link Plus, my fee-based premium research service. Contact for details.

10. Who retains copyright of the answers? What do I do if I want to have the rights to the content of the research project?
By asking a "one link" question intended for public viewing, you grant One Link Answers and EasterAngel-ga copyright and distribution rights. Specific contents of the cited links, and all other links outside of One Link Answers, remain the property of the respective websites.

One Link Plus research clients may use their research results in whatever manner they choose. No permission is needed from One Link Plus to reproduce those results, and no additional compensation must be remitted to me for these rights.
Contact for details.


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